Certified Kru Instructor from the International Muay Thai Association under the World Famous Grandmaster Toddy
21-yr of Martial Arts Experience
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt under Robert Drysdale
Trained under Master Songlith Singthong
Trained Muay Thai in Thailand
MMA / No-Gi Experience
Fight Record 5-2
97 WKC Heavyweight Challenge Champion
97 Ultimate Explosion Lt Heavyweight Champion


Over 20-yr of Grappling experience
Member of the Simon Fraser University Wrestling Team
Member of the Burnaby Wrestling Club
Member of the Canadian Olympic Jr. Team
Freestyle and Greco Wrestling
Training Partner of Olympic Gold Medalist Daniel Igali
Over 40 International/ Collegiate Wrestling Competitions
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt under Robert Drysdale Jiu Jitsu
2017 Gold Medals – Purple Belt Division – Long Beach, New York, Seattle & Vancouver


13 Years Experience in Muay Thai Boxing.
Certified Muay Thai Instructor.
Trained Muay Thai in Thailand at Superpro, Sitsongpeenong and Chinnarach Camp.
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple belt under Robert Drysdale Jiu Jitsu


4 Years Experience In Muay Thai Boxing.
Trained at Superpro, Koh Samui, Thailand.
Competed locally and in Thailand.
BFL Bantam Weight Muay Thai Champion.
Amateur MMA Record 1-0.
Amateur Muay Thai Record 5-0


Professional Fighter with over 25 Pro fights
Training partner for many UFC, Glory and K1 fighters
Trained at many of the top MMA gyms including MMA Monsters, Tristar, AKA, Thailand Top Team & Tiger Muay Thai
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt


My experience at Universal MMA has been so great and has totally exceeded my expectations. Despite being a little intimidated at first, I quickly felt super welcome not only by the instructors (who are so supportive), but by the other students as well. I can’t say how much my life and confidence has significantly improved since I started kickboxing here! I never thought I find such an intense work-out to be so much fun. It pretty much hooked me right from the get go! 

Jennifer Bajus

Best Kickboxing gym on the North Shore! It’s a must try for anyone wanting an extraordinary workout. The toning and body sculpting you get is unlike any other workout. You will discover muscles you never had. Best part is the feeling of empowerment you get after class. It’s always friendly and welcoming. I’ll catch you there!!! 


Loved the place and loved every second I spent there. Hope that I can join again some time in the near future. Keep up the great work! 

Scott Cook

Universal MMA is a great academy!! Dave, Andrew, and the rest of the Universal team really push for a friendly environment in which athletes of all levels can learn and also feel welcome. Whether you’re a BJJ player or a Thai boxer, the instructors at Universal will help you improve your game. I don’t live in Vancouver anymore, but continue to recommend Universal MMA to anyone looking to train in the Vancouver area. 

Sara Grundle @ RM

I started attending the morning women’s only kickboxing classes as well as the day time Muay Thai classes in May. I was so pleasantly surprised with how welcome I felt immediately by the instructors as well as all the students. Universal is an extremely unassuming and friendly establishment to, not only hone your skills, but meet good friends and have a lot of laughs. The instructors were so helpful, knowledgable, and extremely skilled. I tried several gyms in Vancouver and ended up traveling from Kitsilano to North Vancouver daily because I couldn’t imagine training anywhere else. Since moving to Calgary I am missing everyone at Universal so much and can’t wait to do a drop in whenever I’m in town!  

Tracy Stirling @ Queen of all Things

I hope everyone considering coming to Universal MMA makes the effort to come and enjoy a GREAT workout.  I came to Universal MMA a couple of months ago from the recommendation from a couple of girlfriends telling me how much I would “love” the workout. Well it has been more than a great workout, with many laughs, and hard work. The instruction is fantastic, with proper technique and guidance for those of us who have never picked up Boxing Gloves or Thai Pads.  I am a little surprised how much I love the workout.  Having experienced all types of fitness from running to Pilates, I can honestly say that nothing has got me this excited about coming to the gym in a long time. Universal MMA is a fantastic gym with a great group of people – I am thrilled to learn something new, stay fit, and have some laughs all at the same time.  

Matt Pare @ West Vancouver Transit

I look forward to training at Universal MMA and hate to miss a class!
 The training staff are awesome, passionate and very patient to go over technique and training details with every student. Thanks for your help in training. My fitness and skill level has improved immensely.  

Reza Partow @ Chiropractor CSCS

It’s been a real pleasure training here at Universal MMA. They have top-notch instructors who are all extremely knowledgable and passionate. The workouts are challenging, but also really fun. And you can always count on feeling energized and amazing as you leave class.  

Stefan Indic @ Canadian Military

My appreciation towards the staff at Universal MMA is to an endless extent. I first walked into Universal MMA almost 2 years ago and there is still no place I would rather be. I have tried multiple places to train but Universal exceeds them all; it is a huge inspirational experience. The atmosphere is addictive aswell contagious. I am left always wanting to come back. The amount I have learned from the staff is exponential. I’ve grown so much and never been happier with how things have turned out. The techniques and skills that I have learned are not just for the gym but applied to everyday life. I am calmer, less stressed, less anxious and more focused. Overall, I am happy; nothing I have done has been more rewarding. I take private Jiu-Jitsu lessons with Dave Feser and they are worth every penny. He teaches in great detail and it is exactly what I love most about it. This is what I look forward to after every hard day of work or after a long night. I am here everyday its open, dont believe me? Come in and find out, I am the one always smiling.  

Dr Bryson Chow @ Avita Health

I have been training martial arts all my life and I started training at Universal MMA in December 2013 based on a friendly recommendation. At that time, my goals were to maintain and improve my health. I am getting so much more out of it than I had expected. I am excited and passionate to learn from the most friendly and welcoming Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai practitioners in North Vancouver. I am training in both disciplines. As a Chiropractor, one requirement of maintaining health is focusing on our movement. As we get older, we forget the abilities of crawling and rolling. Going to train four days a week, I am on the mat practicing movement with people of all ages. Movement training in Jiu Jitsu is good for everyone! I am happy to be apart of the Universal family. 
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