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If you don’t know Connor, or CT, as he is often referred to as, then you haven’t been coming to class very often. Just look for the guy who somersaults his way into class in his little Thai shorts and high-flying knees. Quick and nimble, this ring-fighting, anime-loving Power Ranger (the green one) rolls info the gym on his skateboard and whips the Friday ladies into shape with high-flying knees and killer Superman punches.

Always in a good mood, Connor will motivate anyone to enjoy their workout, and charismatically gets you going even when he pulls out the ropes and has everyone doing the widely despised back-and-forth jumps and sprawls under a low-slung rope. But he always makes up for it with fun, but grueling pad-work and crazy-fancy elbows and knees.

With a passion for kickboxing since his days watching Bloodsport and The Guyver, he found Dave and Universal MMA a little after high school and has been a fixture at the gym ever since. Training hard every week and honing his skills with the Universal gang at Superpro Samui in Thailand, Connor finally got his chance in the ring and delivered a first round, KO win against a local Thai fighter last month! Way to go, CT!!

Whether he is banging the pads at the gym or slamming volleyballs on the beach, you will definitely see more hard-hits and future fights down Connor’s long, long Muay Thai road ahead.

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